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Amanda Barr, Ceramic Artist

Amanda Barr, Ceramic Artist

Amanda Barr joins me on today's show. Amanda is an artist, curator, educator, writer, and social media strategist living in Seattle as a long-term resident artist at Pottery Northwest. Her work has been shown internationally, and currently deals with political and social inequality through historical references.

Amanda shares her journey of becoming a ceramic artists in a non-traditional way and her work in starting the nonprofit, We Are Not Invisible.

We Are Not Invisible was originally known as simply "(in)Visible," which was proposed as a Concurrent Exhibition to be presented at the 2018 conference for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, curated by Amanda Barr. They are a group of 30+ femme and non-binary artists working in ways that express our need to be heard. We make art about gender, sexuality, culture, religion, race, oppression, class, mental illnesses, physical disability, motherhood, societal demands on women, politics, and more.

Enjoy the show!

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